The year was 1979. At a time when Singapore had few places offering quality interior design, David Tan founded Total Integrated Design Pte. Ltd.

His philosophy
The living space should embody the aesthetic flair as well as the functional needs of its inhabitants. No other shared his philosophy and love for his work more passionately than his colleagues. Philosophy became religion when they were roped in as partners in 1997 and TID Associates Pte. Ltd. was born.

New blood birthed a new catchword – Globalisation.
TID Associates took on the world. With an international team, TID acquire an international portfolio of projects. The company then caught the attention of Asiaweek magazine, December 1993, for venturing into India. Today, TID Associates have established offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China and India.

Through the years, TID Associates clientele varies from hotel groups, multi-national corporations, international financial institutions, healthcare institutions, exclusive clubs, discotheques, food and beverage outlets, boutiques, theme parks and resorts. TID was chosen because the company is committed to give the clients the best for their money’s worth. This includes all aspects of design. From lighting specialists to landscape architects, TID is able to source for the best in their respective fields and pull their expertise together towards a common vision.

What makes TID Associates different, can be identified in these distinguished award winning projects – the UOB Building in Xiamen, China, Hotel Sofitel Plaza in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and the Genesis at Bukit Timah Road, Singapore. TID’s vision is also what motivated them to execute one of their most challenging project, the new Parliament House, Singapore. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime honour for any design firm.

At TID, we believe that when all is said, all must be done. And that is no story.