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Shangri-la Residences, Yangon

Allgreen Properties Limited

Situated in the heart of Yangon’s largest city and commercial hub, Myanmar, Shangri-la Residences Yangon, comprises of 240units of luxury service apartment in 2 twin towers. The residence is surrounded by the Kandawgyi Lake, parks and Pagodas.

The architecture and structural built was completed in the 1990’s but due to the closure of the country politically, was left largely abandoned. In 2012, following Myanmar’s re-opening of the country commercially, the opportunity to update and upgrade the building architecture as well as completing and rejuvenating the interior spaces came. The original essence of the Burmese Culture was kept and injected with a new breath of contemporary design.

On arrival, residents and guests are welcomed by the naturally ventilated main lobby. The previous bareness of the lobby space has been upgraded with the incorporation of cladded walls and ceiling. Some walls are kept bare to create a juxtaposition without being overbearing to the space.
The sleek, contemporary customized furniture entice residents to interact and enjoy the comfort.
Handcrafted artwork are specially selected with local reference to compliment the design.
The design of the interior spaces brings about synergy of bond and interaction within the residents and the staffs. The open lobby allows the staff to be more approachable with the residents.
The ground floor spaces are well thought of to maximize the accessibility of the residents to the common facilities and services.
The front offices, situated in one tower and located next to the main lobby, allows quicker response between staffs and residents and increase the efficiency of delegation. Consolidated communal amenities at Tower 2 further away from the main gate and main road allows resident to feel the serenity and privacy of the environment, creates better accessibility and participation. Having the gym and gourmet café facing the swimming pools allows parents to have better surveillance over the children while working out or having meals. Safety and security for each resident is priority.

Apartment units are located from the second storey upwards. All the various apartment layouts were reviewed and tweaked to create a more spacious environment for each resident. Each Tower comprises different bedroom configuration (Type A, Type B & Type C) to create variety, accommodating all sizes of family units.. The injection of contemporary design with traditional Burmese accent creates a warm and homely space to live in.
The open dining and living space creates an extensive view to the whole space out onto the balcony into the lavish greenery beyond. Previous pockets of space have been converted into a study area or family room.